News: Duo Genthon_Marchetti on tour!

Phasme, piece for speaker, violin, synthesizer and low frequency amplifier

Anouck Genthon, violon & Lionel Marchetti, synthesizer

The Genthon_Marchetti duo works on a composition that takes space into account as one of the essential vectors in the sense that an acoustic response, through the arrangement of loudspeakers and sound volumes, becomes the very substratum on which the music will naturally rest. Inventing a form of duet in which the body of the violin itself seems to melt into the plasticity of the synthetic sounds, the two instrumentalists build, by subtly staging the loudspeaker projection, a musical work insisting on spatial emanation from a focal point – like a single eye, a lighthouse, a beacon that would indicate the path of an enchanting myth, or at least a direction to be considered as a life line, a magnetic pole.

News: Ring @Sonic Matter Festival 2022 Zurich

December 4, 18:00 at SONIC MATTER Festival 2022 in Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zurich

Ring, a piece exploring the sounding urban site of the Kasernen Areal and trying to compose from its ever-changing environment, freely inspired from Alpsegen, a traditional blessing defining a territory from the distance covered by the voice. World premiere.

Antoine Läng – voice, speaker, megaphone
Olga Kokcharova – voice, speaker, megaphone, electronics
Jason Kahn – voice, speaker, megaphone, percussion
Anouck Genthon – voice, speaker, megaphone, violin

News: Recueil des miracles – Palazzo Butera Palermo

Le Recueil des Miracles, Open-air concert 🎼

21.07.2022 20:30-21:30

Palazzo Butera, via Butera 8, Palermo

Le Recueil des Miracles is an ensemble. Drawing freely from the effects of a tarantella, the musicians engage us with a desire to listen together. Over the course of the concert, strangeness and discomfort are embraced, leading to a shared release. «First, there was a desire to look at sound and music and their role in possession rituals. We looked at Ernesto de Martino’s work on Tarentismo and the recordings made with Diego Carpitella in 1959. We discover how sound can be a real factor of social cohesion and how, should it be amputated, popular rituals would disintegrate, giving way to misunderstood follies and uprooted crises of madness. When it came time to attempt a performative form, we started with the idea of taking a first step and working exclusively with sound. We started with a very simple idea: to take the bagpipe, a traditional southern Italian instrument, and imitate its shrill timbre with different instrumentalists. We have since moved away from it, but this work has been the basis for anchoring the essence of the project».

News: Insub.polytopies – In situ n°1

Insub.polytopies est la rencontre d’une parcelle agricole et d’un collectif de Elle s’inspire de la manière dont les travaux des champs ont, à diverses époques déjà, donné lieu à des musiques qui les évoquent ou les structurent. Utopie polyphonique, elle émet l’hypothèse poétique d’une exploration à rebours en partant de la musique comme canevas et comme outil. Insub.polytopies interroge enfin les rapports que nous entretenons avec la terre et son travail en qualité d’artistes, à Genève, comme les points de rencontre potentiels de nos sphères d’activités respectives.

IN-SITU n°1 – Performances de :

* WHEATFALL de Michael Pisaro-Liu. Composé en 2004 par l’américain Michael Pisaro-Liu, Ricefall consistait en une partition pour chutes de grains de riz sur diverses matières par 16 performeur.euses. L’adaptation en Wheatfall (chute de blé) par Insub. résout en partie la problématique du gaspillage.

* MADA de Taku Sugimoto. Le compositeur Taku Sugimoto est une figure du minimalisme radical japonais. Sa pièce Mada utilise les proportions géométrique de triangles comme indication de temps. La version présente applique le dessin de la partition sur le champ. Le déplacement des performeur.euses le long de son tracé fait non seulement office de durée mais aussi de ligne de semence.

*MESURES Pièce collective spatialisée à base de claves et bois

Avec Insub.8tet :Christophe Berthet, Cyril Bondi, Anouck Genthon, Antoine Läng, Rodolphe Loubatière, Violeta Motta, Raphaël Ortis, Laurent « d’incise » Peter. Et invité-e-s : Geraldine Schenkel, Yvonne Harder, Quentin Heizmann, Anne Briset, Gabriel Valtchev, Vinz Vonlanten, Julie Sémoroz, Mathéo Luthy

Dimanche 13 mars, 13h, Av. de Cavoitanne, Laconnex

Anouck Genthon