News: Duo Genthon_Marchetti on tour!

Phasme, piece for speaker, violin, synthesizer and low frequency amplifier

Anouck Genthon, violon & Lionel Marchetti, synthesizer

The Genthon_Marchetti duo works on a composition that takes space into account as one of the essential vectors in the sense that an acoustic response, through the arrangement of loudspeakers and sound volumes, becomes the very substratum on which the music will naturally rest. Inventing a form of duet in which the body of the violin itself seems to melt into the plasticity of the synthetic sounds, the two instrumentalists build, by subtly staging the loudspeaker projection, a musical work insisting on spatial emanation from a focal point – like a single eye, a lighthouse, a beacon that would indicate the path of an enchanting myth, or at least a direction to be considered as a life line, a magnetic pole.

Anouck Genthon