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Antoine Läng & Anouck Genthon, Edition Gamut, 2020

This book is the result of one year of listening at Le Parc Beaulieu from September 28, 2017 to August 4, 2018. Original texts were written in French, then translated to English. This work is about listening and the different paths our sensation and understanding of a place follow through the ever-changing experience of sound, although happening in familiar environments and with the same vocabulary. With the notes and drawings from their handbooks, Anouck Genthon and Antoine Läng built a circular and immersive narrative kept in a book with no beginning and no end, as an invitation for the reader to share this continuous experience and reflection about what and how we actually hear.

released September 14, 2020

drawings and texts
Anouck Genthon, Antoine Läng

Anouck Genthon, Olga Kokcharova, Antoine Läng

design and typesetting
Olga Kokcharova

Édition Gamut 03  ©2020 Genthon, Läng

Anouck Genthon