« Song walk with me » was commissioned by the Festival Gamut and performed two times on September the 18th in Zürich in the Josefwiese-Viadukt-Letten area. Recorded by Tizia Zimmermann.

Anouck Genthon (violin, composition), Antoine Läng (voice, composition), Matthieu Jaccard (guiding, speech), Jason Kahn (voice, percussions), Jonas Kocher (accordion), Olga Kokcharova (trumpet speaker), Louis Schild (harmonium), Silvan Schmid (guiding assistance)

released August 12, 2020 on Confront Recordings, mastered by Lê Quan Ninh.

Pascal Battus (rotatives surfaces), David Chiesa (double bass), Rhodri Davies (harp), Bertrand Gauguet (alto sax), Anouck Genthon (violin), Lê Quan Ninh (percussions), Lionel Marchetti (electronics), Jérome Noetinger (electronics), Jean-Luc Petit (contrabass clarinet), Mark Wastell (piano) 

Jacques Demierre (voice) & Anouck Genthon (violin)
Live at 3. blöde Mittwoch, Steiner8, Vienna, June 2019
Recording, pics ©ArnoldHaberl

The Rayol Violinsea, Le Jardin des Méditerranées, 2018, recorded by Olga Kokcharova
Anouck Genthon (violin), Olga Kokcharova (sound artist)

Zeitweise leichter Schneefall
A New Wave Of Jazz
Christoph Schiller: spinet, voice
Anouck Genthon: violin

ONCEIM & Le Un Ensemble avec Jean-Sébastien Mariage (guitare électrique concertante)
composition, Frederick Galiay / direction, Frédéric Blondy
Festival CRAK 2018, Saint Merri, Paris

Recorded and mixed by Emmanuel Lalande at Honolulu Studio & Pied Nu, Fort de Tourneville, Le Havre, France, in April 2017

Ed Williams (guitar), Tom Malmendier (drums), Anouck Genthon (violin)

Chuchchepati Orchestra Mars 2019, Palace, Saint-Gallen
Soizic Lebrat: Violoncello
Patricia Bosshard: Violine
Anouck Genthon: Violine
Fabian Gutscher: Live Elektronik
Patrick Kessler: Kontrabass & Orchesterwart
Morena Barra: Video