Mathias Forge_Anouck Genthon

Listening Walk

Violinist and trombonist, they mix their instrumental practice for more than three years and aspire to a minimal, delicate, intimate and porous music, tuned to the environments in which they work. They first crossed paths not only by walking but through sound improvisation too. From this double practice was born a deep interest in writings which convene parsimony and allow to blend in a context to reveal its reliefs. To that end, they develop response protocols in urban space, some « scores-frames ». Mobile for several hours, they pay particular attention to their routes and to the nature of their proposals, always precise and full of suspension, inviting full-on listening within the various spaces that they cross. A hike is invented and punctuated with their quiet interventions involving them in the landscape. Nourished by Alvin Lucier’s works, they’re introducing more and more frequency broadcasts into their working sessions, focusing on the research into the mix of their two instruments’ timbres and enjoying various effects generated by this overlap.

Their project turns in a double direction, minimalist and experimental. Through these « scores-frames » they wish to suggest listening to where places’ musicality would occur as of itself. Playing silences which open themselves up to the event and meet with reality, altering our perception : something is happening without us knowing exactly what is modulating our perception of space. And this, through the presence of their bodies, as mobile as they are motionless, through a route, an expedition.