Ensemble vocal Millefleurs

The word « millefleurs » describes a cloth pattern, a structrure that appears monochrome from a distance, but turns out to be composed of many little flowers when looked at more closely. The expression derives from medieval tapestry, where it was used for the flower and tendril background, that were much less uniform than the modern pattern of the same name.

Thus the music of Millefleurs varies between monochrome choral plains and individual actions of single voices, the flowers of which the sounding plains are woven.

The ensemble Millefleurs is a free improvising, internationally casted, large ,vocal formation and thus unique. The singers have different artistic backgrounds such as theatre, literature, improvised and classical music.

The music of Millefleurs is a music of the moment, and one that inquires into the inside of sound. Although it is in continual change, its sound, as a result of continuous work and a specific mixture of individual styles, changes slowly and over longer periods. As vocal ensemble music it stands in the tradition of european vocal polyphony, but structurally and in terms of approach it is mainly part of the living practice of today’s improvised music.

Christoph Schiller initiated the ensemble and holds it organicly together. Millefleurs is organized as a pool so that both size and composition of the formation can vary.

Marei Seuthe – Anouck Genthon – Maria Norseth Garli – Anna Lindblom – Mitch Heinrich – Christoph Schiller – Rudolf Häfele – Jan F. Kurth – Angelika Sheridan – Kathrin Seuthe – Antoine Läng – Charlotte Tores